Meet the Family

Flemming Larsen came to Nevada with his wife and children to get away from government overreach in California in 2013. Nevada was the place they could call home with its clean and safe neighborhoods. Flemming’s parents emigrated to America from their home country of Denmark. Once they arrived in California, they opened a small butcher shop, then, soon after, they earned their US citizenship. Their small butcher shop was Flemming’s second home as his parents tirelessly worked to accomplish the American Dream. Flemming was taught the importance of hard work and the value of never giving up on your dreams.

Flemming started to work full-time when he was just 15 years old; he did this while attending school. By the time he turned 19 years of age he had acquired enough hours to become a butcher. As an adult in his early 20’s he changed career paths and decided to open a restaurant. At the time he had no idea that this would become the first of many.

Today Flemming and his wife of 23 years have raised three sons together, and they own and operate a chain of successful restaurants.

Flemming knows that Nevada was built by Americans who believe in hard work and integrity. We need to bring these values back to Nevada. As a successful business owner in the hospitality and restaurant industry, he understands what it takes to tackle the challenges facing our great state. His 30+ years of business experience have prepared him to serve this community and to be your voice.

Flemming has the kind of real-world experience desperately needed in Congress: “experience isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”.