Vision & Policies

Flemming Larsen is committed to building an America that is free and secure.

Backing The Blue: Standing Up for the Men and Women who Keep Us Safe At Home

Flemming Larsen strongly opposes the “Defund the Police” movement supported by Democrats and will be an ally to local police officers. While Dina Titus has voted for onerous new regulations on local police departments that compromise officer safety and their ability to do the job, Flemming will be an ally to the men and women of law enforcement.

Secure the Border: Ending the Reign of Cartels, Coyotes, and Drug Dealers

Thanks to Dina Titus’s votes, over 300 Americans die every day from Chinese-made fentanyl that floods across our open southern border. Dangerous cartels infiltrate our neighborhoods and coyotes bring across millions of illegal aliens who do not belong here. Dina Titus’s open border is a gift to sex traffickers who have turned Las Vegas into a major hub for their illicit trade that victimizes women and even children.

Flemming Larsen will work to secure the border, cut off the flood of dangerous criminals and drugs pouring into our great country, and stomp out the insidious sex trafficking business.

Building the American Dream: Lower Taxes and Less Regulations

Dina Titus has never met a tax increase she didn’t support or a regulation she didn’t want to keep in place. This is stifling our economy, lowering wages, and making it harder for new businesses to operate and grow.

Flemming Larsen has been opening businesses all his life and knows the struggle of making payroll. He’s signed a pledge opposing new taxes and will fight to reduce taxes whenever possible. Unlike Dina Titus, he will support the Reins Act that will force Congress to vote on new regulations instead of giving unelected bureaucrats the unchecked authority to create new rules.

Reduce the Deficit: End the Inflation that’s Robbing Us Blind

Dina Titus has voted over and over again to increase spending and debt with no plan to balance the budget. This has caused the record path of inflation that’s stolen an entire month’s pay out of the pockets of working families in Nevada and across the country.

Flemming Larsen will oppose unchecked spending and won’t vote for any new debt without a ten-year plan to balance the budget.

Defend our Second Amendment: Oppose New Regulations on Firearm Ownership

Dina Titus voted for the Biden ban on pistol safety braces that turned 23 million Americans into felons overnight and other restrictions on personal firearm ownership.

Flemming respects the Second Amendment and will oppose any new firearms regulations and will vote to repeal the pistol safety brace ban.

Water Issues: A Top Priority for Nevada

Resolving our water issues is a top-priority that Dina Titus has neglected. Flemming Larsen will build a bridge between local stakeholders and state and local officials in Nevada, federal agencies, other members of Congress, and leaders in other states like Texas, California, Oregon, and Washington to get Nevada access to the water it depends on.

Energy Independence: Unleash America’s Natural Resources

Dina Titus and Joe Biden have teamed up to kill off energy industry jobs while making the US more dependent on hostile nations like Russia, Iran & Venezuela for fuel sources. Flemming Larsen will restore America’s energy independence by expanding clean and safe domestic energy production that creates good paying jobs for our people.

Veterans: Protecting The Men and Women Who Protect Us

While Dina Titus has voted to defund the Veterans Administration, Flemming Larsen will make sure it is fully funded. He will also introduce legislation to expand access to Tricare to all veterans so they can choose what doctors they see and he will support aggressive congressional oversight of the VA.


While Dina Titus is beholden to the radical teachers union, Flemming Larsen is on the side of parents and children. He believes that education dollars should follow the student, not the bureaucracy, and will introduce legislation that requires any state accepting federal education funding to allow parents to choose the best school for their children.

Parental Rights

Dina Titus voted against the Parental Bill of Rights that would allow parents to simply be informed of their kids’ curriculum in public schools and to be notified of any medical treatment the school administered to their children by school employees. Flemming Larsen knows that you do not get between a parent and their child and will support strong parental rights laws.

Term Limits: Restoring Citizen Legislators

Dina Titus was first elected in 1988. We need term limits to return us to the founders vision of a citizen legislature that’s of the people, not of the swamp. Flemming Larsen has promised to sponsor legislation that limits politicians’ time in office. Goodbye to career politicians.

Healthcare Crisis: Expand Access and Limit Costs

Dina Titus voted for Obamacare based on the lie that we could keep our plan and doctor if we wanted to. Flemming Larsen supports expanding access by allowing individuals and businesses to buy health insurance across state lines. He will also work to bring costs down by voting for badly-needed tort reform to stop the frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of medicine for everyone. Flemming Larsen also supports lowering the cost of bringing new drugs to market by allowing a drug approved in other reputable countries (Japan, Canada, the EU, etc.) to be automatically approved here.

The REINS Act: End the Concentration of Power

DC bureaucrats unilaterally shut our country down and mandated vaccines without any oversight or accountability. We cannot allow this much unchecked power in the hands of unelected regulators.

Dina Titus voted against the REINS Act that would allow Congress final say over major regulations. Flemming will support the Reins Act and give power to the people and their elected representatives, not to unelected bureaucrats.